Gavin Rubinstein

PHOTO: TRG Founder Gavin Rubinstein. FILE

Nicole MacGee has been appointed as the new general manager of The Rubinstein Group (TRG), further propelling the agency’s upward growth trajectory. With over two decades of experience in executive real estate roles encompassing marketing, human resources, and management within Sydney’s prominent agencies, Ms. MacGee brings a wealth of expertise to her new position.

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In her role, Ms. MacGee emphasizes her commitment to ensuring the satisfaction and success of TRG’s salespeople and staff. She believes that by prioritizing their well-being and performance, the entire team can maintain a cohesive upward trajectory together.

TRG Founder Gavin Rubinstein expresses confidence in Ms. MacGee’s suitability for the team, highlighting her extensive experience and the valuable insights she brings. He underscores the importance of such expertise as TRG continues its growth trajectory, positioning Ms. MacGee as a key element in maintaining the agency’s competitive edge.

 Nicole MacGee has been appointed as general manager at The Rubinstein Group.

A month into her new role, Ms. MacGee praises the welcoming atmosphere and palpable high-performance culture within the office. She emphasizes her responsibility in ensuring smooth operations behind the scenes, facilitating the agents’ efficiency by removing any obstacles they encounter.

Ms. MacGee stresses the significance of effective communication in her role, leveraging her industry knowledge and expertise to provide informed guidance and support. Additionally, she values active listening and the ability to convey appropriate responses to inquiries.

Amidst recent additions of female professionals to the TRG team, Mr. Rubinstein expresses enthusiasm for the growing representation of “girl power” within the agency. He extends an invitation to aspiring sales agents, particularly females, emphasizing his commitment to fostering their growth and success in the industry.

Ms. MacGee reflects proudly on her real estate career and acknowledges the increasing involvement of women in higher-level positions. She embraces the opportunity to contribute to TRG’s continued growth and development, expressing excitement about the journey ahead and her role in shaping the agency’s future success.