Todd Muller

PHOTO: Todd Muller. Photo credit: Getty Images

The Labour-Greens will accrue huge amounts of debt and tax hard-working Kiwis “out of existence” if they’re re-elected, Todd Muller says, vowing that his National Party will “create an economy that creates jobs”.

Muller, who took over as National leader in May, made the comments after being asked about the Greens’ new Guaranteed Minimum Income (GMI) policy on Monday.


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The policy, unveiled on Sunday, proposes that each Kiwi is given at least $325 a week to live on, paid for by introducing a new wealth tax. It’s an attempt to boost the unemployment benefit, which can drop to as low as $175.48.

Muller says National “don’t see the need to increase taxes”.

“The economic plan is a few days away and we’ll outline that in a reasonably substantive form,” he told Magic Talk host Peter Williams. “But in terms of tax, we’re very clear: we don’t see the need.