PHOTO: Joshua Allison (right) 9NEWS

A real estate agent, Joshua Allison, aged 42, has been sentenced to nearly five years in prison for secretly filming young women, despite his lawyers attempting to argue reduced culpability due to a claimed ‘voyeuristic disorder’.

Operating out of Ray White in the north-eastern Melbourne suburb of Bundoora, Allison had assured his clients that he employed ‘cutting-edge technology’ for marketing homes. However, unbeknownst to them, this technology was used for covertly filming and spying on young women through their bedroom windows. One of Allison’s victims only discovered this years later when contacted by the police.

Marie, one of the victims, expressed her trauma to 9News, stating, “My innocence was stripped away from me. I just can’t fathom how someone could derive enjoyment from victimizing young people.” After learning about Allison’s activities, she realized the disturbing incident she had experienced earlier: “I had just finished taking a shower when I saw an arm reaching in through the window, and I was completely terrified. He was doing it from the neighbor’s side of the house, and we assume he had jumped the fence.”

One of Allison's victims, Marie (pictured left) only found out about it years later, when police called her

One of Allison’s victims, Marie (pictured left) only found out about it years later, when police called her

Over a decade, Allison targeted 11 young women, even going so far as to install a hidden camera in the bathroom wall of his housemate. His clandestine actions came to a halt in January 2021 when the manager of a Coles supermarket caught him filming up the skirts of two young girls. Subsequently, a search of his nearby residence uncovered a hard drive labeled “The Collection.”

During court proceedings, Allison’s lawyers argued that his moral responsibility was diminished due to a diagnosed voyeuristic disorder. However, the judge rejected this defense and sentenced the father of one to four years and ten months in prison. Allison will also be registered as a sex offender for life.

Marie is now focused on moving forward with her life, saying, “I just hope that I can lead a happy life, learn to trust men, and build healthy relationships.”