PHOTO: The Gatwick was the site of the 2018 series of the popular television series.

For keen renovators searching for their own Block-style challenge – without the television cameras – two opportunities have popped up.

Two empty shell apartments in the Gatwick Hotel, the site of the 2018 series of The Block, have hit the market.

Both stripped two-bedroom units are on the ground floor and for sale with proposed floor plans.

The smaller of the two, apartment G01, has 128 square metres of floor space and price expectations of about $800,000.

Neighbouring G02 is bigger, with 138 square metres of floor space along with a 46-metre outdoor area, and price expectations of $900,000.

The Agency general manager of Victoria Peter Kakos described them as “completely gutted.”

“They are two shells,” he said, adding that Channel 9 was selling the apartments, which, despite having just been listed, were quickly attracting attention.