Zillow Immerse

PHOTO: US property platform Zillow, has launched Zillow Immerse 

Zillow, the US property platform, has introduced Zillow Immerse within the Apple Vision Pro app, revolutionizing the home-buying experience by offering innovative virtual walkthroughs and interactive 3D floor plans. Josh Weisberg, Zillow’s Senior Vice President of Artificial Intelligence, expressed the company’s commitment to incorporating cutting-edge technology to facilitate a swift, confident, and easy home-buying process.

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Mr. Weisberg highlighted the capabilities of Apple Vision Pro, stating, “Apple Vision Pro empowers Zillow shoppers to fully immerse themselves in homes, echoing our vision with the initial introduction of Listing Showcase.” He emphasized how this advanced spatial technology enables users to explore homes almost as realistically as being physically present.

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Utilizing the extensive features of Apple Vision Pro, Zillow Immerse provides users with a 360-degree panoramic view of every room, from floor to ceiling, within homes listed for sale. Buyers can virtually navigate through hallways, inspect closets, and utilize an AI-generated floor plan for guidance, gaining a comprehensive understanding of the home’s layout and flow.

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Zillow’s latest Consumer Housing Trends Report revealed that 74% of potential buyers believe 3D tours enhance their understanding of a home’s space compared to static photos, with 70% expressing a desire for more listings to feature 3D tours. The survey also indicated that over half of prospective buyers regretted visiting properties they would have skipped with prior access to floor plans. Furthermore, 79% of potential buyers are more inclined to view listings with appealing floor plans.

Apple Vision Pro. Photo: Apple.

Highlighting the significance of a dynamic floor plan, three out of four prospective buyers recognize its value, especially when each photo is linked to a specific location on the floor plan. Zillow Immerse, designed exclusively for Apple Vision Pro, seamlessly integrates with Listing Showcase listings for real estate agents subscribed to the service, offering an automated inclusion of their listings in the Zillow Immerse app.

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