PHOTO: In most cases you’ll be able to repaint a room, but major renovations won’t be allowed. (Unsplash: Umanoide)

If you are among the one in four people in Victoria who rent a home, or if you own an investment property, changes to the more than 130 rental law changes taking effect on Monday could have a big impact on your life.

The Victorian Government says the reforms, delayed because of the COVID-19 pandemic, will “make renting fair for all Victorians”.

But others in the sector have warned it could drive rental prices up — a dire prospect for those out of work or people living in areas with property shortages.

Let’s take a look at some of the changes.

I’ve moved in and feel like repainting a room. Can I?

Previously, some landlords and real estate agents were notoriously strict about modifications.

The pendulum has swung and now landlords must have a “reasonable reason” to prevent tenants from painting the premises, fixing a pet door, installing a dishwasher or setting up a herb garden.