Water tower


PHOTO: RAY WHITE Farrell says a site like this (minus the concrete reservoir) would normally be worth in excess of $500,000.

Listing agent Steve Farrell is a hard man to get hold of, and it’s all because he’s too busy fielding enquiries about the oddest property for sale in Wellington.

The decommissioned water reservoir on top of the hill in Seatoun has sparked more than 23,000 Trade Me views in less than a week. “We would normally be lucky to get 2500 in a week,” says Farrell. “The interest level has been off the scale.”

The Ray White Kilbirnie agent says he doesn’t usually host open homes for building sites (as opposed to houses), but he has had so many enquiries, he didn’t want people clambering up the hill to see for themselves. He “opened” the property on the weekend and has even take the unusual step of adding an extra “open home” tomorrow afternoon to satisfy all the people making enquiries.


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