Baroda Street

PHOTO: A white house on Baroda Street police where police were carrying out a scene investigation on Thursday. Photo: RNZ / Soumya Bhamidipati

The death of a woman in the Wellington suburb of Khandallah on Wednesday has prompted the initiation of a homicide investigation by the police.

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In an official statement, law enforcement revealed that Helen Gregory, aged 79, was discovered deceased at her residence on Baroda Street around 11:50 pm on January 24. Initially treated as an unexplained death, Detective Senior Sergeant Tim Leitch disclosed on Sunday that the post-mortem examination indicated Helen’s demise resulted from a violent act.

Detective Leitch expressed condolences, stating, “Our thoughts remain with Helen’s family and friends at this difficult time.” A thorough scene examination continues in the area, with police personnel anticipated to stay for another day or two.

Residents in the vicinity expressed surprise at the lack of disturbance on the typically quiet street. One neighbor conveyed their concern, saying, “It’s pretty scary, yeah… I was talking to the other neighbors around the back, even closer to us, and they were like ‘We were up at that time … we didn’t hear anything, we should be able to hear these things.’ Because you can hear everything on this street, but just having something like that happen, it’s not very – it doesn’t feel too good.”

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According to another resident, such an incident is unprecedented in the area. He recounted that police knocked on his door to inquire about any disturbances overnight, but he was unaware of any issues until he heard the news in the morning.

The police are seeking public assistance in the investigation and are urging anyone who saw or communicated with Helen in the days leading up to her discovery to come forward. This appeal extends to friends or associates who have not yet contacted the police. Additionally, authorities are keen to hear from individuals who were in Baroda Street on January 24 and may have observed unusual activities or encountered unfamiliar faces in the area.

Information can be reported to the police at 105 or online at by selecting “Update Report” and referencing the file number 240125/1641.