PHOTO: Gold Coast-based artist Tania Blanchard in her home studio. (Supplied: Tania Blanchard)

Artist Tania Blanchard had just finished building a new home studio when COVID-19 hit and, as the economy plunged into recession, she began to feel nervous.

“I was really worried that I wouldn’t be busy and people wouldn’t be able to afford art,” Ms Blanchard said.

But her concerns were short-lived.

With people spending more time at home, embarking on renovations and unable to book overseas holidays she witnessed a COVID-inspired renaissance.

Cashed-up art lovers opened their pandemic purses and started spending big.

“Suddenly, I just became really busy,” Ms Blanchard said.

“It was a really crazy time.”

A young woman sits in front of a colourful painting.
Singer Amy Shark recently purchased a Tania Blanchard painting. (Supplied: Tania Blanchard)

Ms Blanchard recorded a significant increase in the number of requests for valuable commissions.

“The commissions that I was doing … most of them were large artwork,” she said.

“People were willing to spend that money.