PHOTO: Having a large captured audience allows REA Group to slowly expand pricing margins to agents listing REA properties, as consumers are more likely to use this platform than another. 

The media continue to report on the declining property market but, despite that, the REA Group Limited (ASX: REA) share price has rallied 4.5% on Tuesday.

Is it time to add REA Group shares to your portfolio?

The REA Group share price has taken a battering in FY2019, due to a storm of pessimistic media regarding the Australian property market.  It is currently trading ~19% below its 52-week high of $94.12 on a P/E of 31.

When looking at the bull case for REA Group, the online advertising company is currently the dominant player in the Australian market.  It has the largest and most engaged audience, with monthly user traffic across all platforms 2.8x greater than its competitors.  Along with this, the average time users spend on the REA app is 5x greater than time spent on others.