PHOTO: Auctioneer Matthew Everingham

Not many agents would feel comfortable baring their business on national TV, but this director has done it, and believes there’s no need for agents to be wary of such media attention.

Richard Matthews Real Estate director and auctioneer Matthew Everingham was recently followed around by journalist Sarah Abo, and a camera crew, every Saturday for a four-week period.

It was then packaged up for a 60 Minutes episode titled “Boom and Doom” — a peek inside what’s been touted as the “fierce property wars” that were taking place across Sydney prior to the city’s current lockdown.

According to Mr Everingham, his decision to collaborate with 60 Minutes and take part in the story stemmed from the belief that “it would be a wonderful opportunity to bring a nationally recognised and respected news program to the inner and south-west of Sydney”.

While many people would balk at the idea of being followed around all day by a camera crew, the director said “it didn’t feel like the crew were even there”.