Courtney Caulfield

PHOTO: Courtney Caulfield. RATE MY AGENT

Just hours after cradling her newborn son, Courtney Caulfield wasted no time, already on the phone sealing a deal. The previous day, she had been attending a property inspection, and despite the whirlwind of becoming a mother, little had changed for the adept agent from Place Kangaroo Point, save for the inevitable sleep deprivation.

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At 33, she stands tall among Queensland’s top 40 young agents under 35, as per the 2023 sales figures provided by major agencies across the state. Even amidst the frenzy of giving birth to her son, Krug (a nod to the champagne, naturally), at Mater Mothers’ Hospital, Courtney managed to close more than $20 million worth of apartment sales. Her prowess in 2023 had seen her move over $98 million worth of residential real estate.

“It’s what keeps me going!” exclaimed Ms. Caulfield. “Otherwise, I’m just a full-time formula feeder. But I definitely love my job.”


Married to fellow agent Simon Caulfield, Courtney attests that balancing motherhood with her career has honed her efficiency, sharpened her task prioritization skills, and enriched her time management abilities. Moreover, it has deepened her appreciation for choosing a profession surprisingly conducive to family life for women.

“When I was a lawyer, I assumed having kids would signal the end of my career, but in real estate, that couldn’t be further from the truth,” she reflected. “There’s flexibility, I can take my kids along to inspections because most of my clients have kids too, and your earnings are directly proportional to the hours you invest. Women today should know that a career can be family-friendly.”

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Courtney and Simon Caulfield. Image: Josh Woning.

Courtney Caulfield exemplifies a growing cohort of young agents, many barely in their twenties, who are raking in millions through real estate sales. Exclusive figures provided to the Sunday Mail disclose that nearly 20 residential agents across the state under the age of 35 each amassed sales exceeding $50 million last year.

Antonia Mercorella, CEO of the Real Estate Institute of Queensland, noted the intriguing prominence of women in this list.

REIQ CEO Antonia Mercorella.

“We often talk about pay gaps in other professions, but in real estate, women are thriving,” remarked Ms. Mercorella. “Some of the most successful agents are female. We’re witnessing women leading teams in key leadership roles, which is truly remarkable.”