ACT Leader David Seymour expressed his concern over recent events involving five youths who attempted to escape a youth facility, causing damage to public property and injuring an individual’s wrist in the process. Surprisingly, instead of facing appropriate consequences, they were rewarded with a KFC meal. This incident highlights the questionable values of the Labour Party in action, which could ultimately lead to the downfall of our nation. It also emphasizes the need for youth imprisonment to be handled by the Corrections system rather than Oranga Tamariki. to launch real estate industry recruitment site

“Everyday New Zealanders are living in fear as criminals wreak havoc in their workplaces, break into their cars on the streets, and make them feel unsafe while walking. These law-abiding citizens dutifully pay their taxes and adhere to the rules, only to see their hard-earned money being used to reward individuals who show no regard for the law. The root cause of New Zealand’s crime problem lies in this failure of values.

“Labour’s priorities seem to revolve around reducing the prison population, eliminating the three-strikes policy, funding cultural reports for convicted criminals pre-sentencing, and now even providing KFC to escapees. Sadly, the rights of law-abiding citizens seem to be overlooked in these pursuits.

“ACT has consistently presented an alternative vision based on sound values. We firmly believe in the principle of cause and effect. Those who respect the law and act responsibly are entitled to their rights, while those who choose otherwise must face the consequences.

“In our fully costed Alternative Budget, we propose funding 200 secure beds in youth facilities managed by the Corrections system. Oranga Tamariki’s role should be focused on providing care for vulnerable individuals, while the responsibility of correcting and rehabilitating young offenders lies with Corrections. These are distinct tasks, and it’s clear that Oranga Tamariki is ill-equipped to fulfill the role of corrections. Instead of offering violent offenders KFC as a misguided solution, they should be firmly addressing the issues at hand.

“Currently, youth offenders believe they are untouchable, as they face minimal consequences for their actions. In fact, they might even be rewarded with a meal like KFC for more severe offenses. This situation is infuriating for both the police and the victims. It’s imperative to make it clear to these offenders that their actions will lead to a place without privileges, where they will face appropriate penalties and experience the consequences of their behavior.

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“To address this, ACT proposes the implementation of Instant Practical Penalties and the use of ankle bracelets for repeat offenders. This approach allows for an escalation of penalties from minor infringements to more serious offenses, enabling the police and the courts to respond effectively to escalating criminal behavior.

“For the past five years, New Zealanders have tried a lenient approach with criminals in the hope that they would reciprocate with better behavior. Unfortunately, the results are evident—crime is spiraling out of control. It’s time to restore the fundamental values of right and wrong and put an end to this alarming trend.”

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