PHOTO: @realty

@realty has welcomed 34 new additions to its network in the last month alone.

It has credited the onboarding of 31 new agents and three agencies to the recent launch of uncapped commissions and its OASIS platform.

Coupled together, @realty CEO James Taylor said the incentives had sparked a rush of enquiries for the brand and enabled the network to build on its 600-plus-strong team.


Kendra Wilkinson

Playboy veteran Kendra Wilkinson has been hired as a real estate agent


He’s touted the benefits of having three different pathways for agents and agencies wishing to align themselves with @realty, saying: “They can work ‘in house’ under our banner, work as an independent operator with @realty branding and support, or continue to run their own brand, with background support from us.”

According to Mr Taylor, the structures “not only give our agents flexibility and freedom, but also significantly reduce overheads for independent operators and boutique agencies”.

“The other major drawcard is the opportunity to earn uncapped commissions. We had a lot of agents coming on board with us simply because our base commission rate of 93 per cent is double the industry average of 45 per cent,” he commented.