PHOTO: Wavie, conceived by founders Andy Dunn and Josh Luschwitz, presents a disruptive platform aimed at eliminating the intermediary, specifically the real estate agent.

A novel product enabling direct sales between buyers and sellers is set to make its debut in the Australian market in early 2024.

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Wavie, conceived by founders Andy Dunn and Josh Luschwitz, presents a disruptive platform aimed at eliminating the intermediary, specifically the real estate agent. With a background as an agent himself and a family history steeped in real estate, Mr. Luschwitz’s industry insights fueled the creation of a technological solution to address inefficiencies in the sales process. His belief in the need for an enhanced tech-driven platform that empowers sellers and buyers to interact directly led to the birth of Wavie.

Wavie | No Commission Property Transactions

“Wavie has emerged as an innovative solution born from first-hand experiences and mutual dissatisfaction with the outdated practices and substantial fees associated with traditional property sales,” explained Mr. Luschwitz. The platform is poised to transform the real estate landscape by putting property owners in control of their transactions, offering transparency and significant cost savings.

Wavie offers a range of services tailored to homeowners’ needs and their property’s value. Wavie Basic, for instance, costs $6,995 and is suitable for homes valued up to $500,000. Services include assistance in creating listings on sales platforms, conveyancing, photography, social media marketing, signage, and digital marketing. Wavie essentially outsources many services typically provided by agents while giving sellers control over negotiations.

Mr. Luschwitz and Mr. Dunn believe that Wavie will provide a unique option for homeowners with the time and motivation to take charge of their property sale, potentially revolutionizing the industry by encouraging vendors who might have hesitated due to the costs associated with traditional agents.

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“As the homeowner, you know your property better than anyone else. You also understand the value of time and money and should have the ability to make choices about where to invest your money when selling your property,” Mr. Luschwitz emphasized. “If you have the time to handle sales activities yourself and have access to a platform equipped with all the tools and support, why not take this route? It will save you thousands of dollars and yield the same outcome as using a real estate agent.”

Addressing concerns about making his own profession redundant, Mr. Luschwitz acknowledged the ongoing need for full-service real estate agents. He views Wavie as an alternative option for individuals who recognize the potential of this platform and prefer a more hands-on approach to their property transactions.

Growing up in a family with a real estate legacy, Mr. Luschwitz’s perspective on the industry has driven the development of this innovative product offering. He noted the industry’s evolution, from the internet becoming the primary source for property searches to the changes brought about by COVID restrictions, which pushed real estate transactions primarily online.

Market research conducted by the company indicates that some sellers, though not all, are eager to leverage digital tools to take on more of the groundwork themselves. While there are existing “for sale by owner” platforms, Mr. Luschwitz and Mr. Dunn assert that Wavie will offer unparalleled support and technological enhancements, placing seller-led homes on a level playing field with agency-advertised properties.

Currently, Wavie is accepting pre-registrations and expressions of interest and plans to launch a national equity crowdfunding campaign with Swarmer in November to support its national launch in the following year.