housing policies

PHOTO: ACT Party leader David Seymour Photo: RNZ / Dom Thomas

GST sharing, build-to-rent, and a public-private partnership for building houses are among policies the ACT Party is proposing as part of a “deep, structural” reform of housing in New Zealand.

Launching a campaign of discussion documents, leader David Seymour said while no government had succeeded in fixing housing this one was the worst, and New Zealand risked “becoming a neo-feudal society with a property-owning class on the one hand, and the house-nots on the other”.

It said the government’s proposed RMA reforms was prioritised on honouring the Treaty of Waitangi and risked creating a regulatory nightmare.

Its proposed alternative policies included a GST sharing scheme which would share 50 percent of the GST revenue from building a new house with the local council that issued the consents to incentivise the councils to cover infrastructure costs.