economic hardship

PHOTO: MONIQUE FORD / STUFF Many Kiwis are struggling due to the economic hardship imposed by lockdown measures.

OPINION: I have been a huge fan of the hard-and-fast approach of the Government to the lockdown. It appears to be working, with the possibility of widespread breakout and deaths receding.

There has been the tragedy of deaths, but the Government, with a compliant and compassionate public, seems to have managed Covid-19 better than most countries.

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However, with each passing the day the costs also mount. It’s not only the $500 million a day the Government is spending on subsidies and benefits, but also the very real human cost of kids out of school, mental health issues, family violence and redundancies.

There will also be many small businesses that may fail, and with it the hopes of their families.

I feel for the Government, they are in a very difficult place here, and it is callous to put a price on lives.