Antony Catalano’s View Media Group (VMG) has unveiled, a property portal with an innovative listing model that allows sellers to list their homes at no cost. This “Freemium” approach also offers real estate agents the option to enhance their listings and brand visibility, while providing buyers with a comprehensive view of real estate across the country, regardless of a property’s sale status.

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Antony Catalano, the Executive Chairman of VMG, described this platform as the exciting culmination of years of effort since his equity involvement in and the launch of VMG in 2022. He emphasized that while VMG has a broader scope than just being a portal, having a consumer-facing brand like this is crucial to attracting consumers and offering a variety of products and services within the property industry.

Catalano explained, “Our vision is to establish a digital real estate superstore under the new View brand, expanding into adjacent categories worth $300 billion, rather than solely focusing on the $1 billion digital property advertising sector. With View, our ‘Freemium’ listings model is a game-changer, allowing vendors to list their properties for free, with upgrade options for agents who want to enhance their listings and branding. We’ve listened to industry concerns, and the time is right for an alternative model that addresses the growing advertising costs in the real estate sector.”

He also mentioned that industry feedback on View had been overwhelmingly positive, and many were interested in investing in the business. According to him, there is significant frustration in the market, and View’s alternative approach addresses concerns over pricing while offering agents the opportunity to participate in VMG’s expanding adjacency businesses.

View Media Group Executive Chairman Antony Catalano.

The View portal is accessible via app stores and, providing a comprehensive view of the market, featuring over 11 million established properties, whether they are currently on the market or not. Catalano highlighted that this model empowers buyers to stimulate the market by breaking free from the limitation of only searching for properties currently for sale.

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He elaborated, “Confining consumers to only searching for properties currently for sale is highly limiting. It’s like saying you should only advertise a job vacancy to those who are unemployed. Often, the best candidate is already employed, and we believe the same logic applies to the property category, where the best house for an individual may not currently be for sale. View enables buyers to explore all properties, listed or unlisted, and express interest in those not currently for sale, potentially driving market activity and facilitating transactions that might not have otherwise happened.”