PHOTO: Rocket Property Group CEO Ian Hosking Richards 

Fifteen years ago, I was working as an unskilled labourer in a warehouse in Artarmon, Sydney, on an annual salary of $35,000. I don’t really feel that I’ve done anything extraordinary, or achieved anything that no one else could achieve. On the contrary, I am confident that most people could replicate what I have done, but the reality is that very few people ever will.

For me, it all began with a plan I came up with about 20 years ago. I decided that I wanted an expensive British hand-built car, a great place to live and cash to burn – and I worked out how I could use property as an investment vehicle to pay for all these things. I followed the plan, which involved reinvesting all my equity growth back into property, until after 12 years of investing I was able to start accessing cash to fund my lifestyle.