PHOTO: The 24sq m boatshed for sale at 2/50 Riverside Drive, in Riverside, Whangārei.

A Whangārei real estate agent is anticipating a packed auction room next month as Boatshed 6149 is poised to be auctioned off. EVES agent Karl Leathley has expressed his amazement at the overwhelming interest in this 24-square-meter shed located at 2/50 Riverside Drive, along the scenic Hatea River, with inquiries pouring in even from as far as Australia.

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Leathley revealed, “I’ve had more inquiries for this property than I have had on just about anything I’ve listed in the last 12 months,” underscoring its remarkable appeal.

The Hatea River boatsheds, situated just outside the town basin, are exceptionally rare and command significant attention whenever they hit the market. While boatsheds in New Zealand can fetch millions of dollars, with one featured in the TV show “David Lomas Investigates” recently selling for $2.05 million, Leathley suggests that this particular property offers a much more accessible price point.

The current boatshed is home to a replica of a 19th-century Banks Dory cod boat, which is included in the sale. Potential buyers have diverse plans for its use, from transforming it into a studio to utilizing it for storage. Leathley recounted a conversation with a gentleman from Auckland who was considering using it to store his flounder fishing boat, highlighting its versatility.

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Boatshed 6149 is constructed with native timber and features a classic corrugated iron roof. The existing resource consent for the structure encompasses a mooring area of approximately 6m x 3m, complete with a mooring block and associated mooring piles. It permits overnighting in berthed vessels for a maximum of two consecutive nights within a seven-day period. However, it does not permit the discharge of oil, sewage, rubbish, or other “noxious liquid substances” into the river.

Notably, the property lacks a toilet or kitchen, but there are water and sewage connections at the boundary that could be connected if there were changes to the resource consent, according to Leathley. He added, “If you had an idea in mind, you’d apply for a resource consent to the regional council and go from there.” Some of the larger boatsheds in the row are equipped with bedrooms, kitchens, and bathrooms.

The existing resource consent is set to expire in October 2023, but it will be renewed, lasting at least until August 2058 before settlement.

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Leathley mentioned a similar-sized boatshed at 50 Riverside Drive that sold in 2020 for $61,000, albeit in poor condition. This sale serves as a reference point for prospective buyers, demonstrating the willingness to invest in these unique properties. Leathley noted that the previous shed needed its resource consent renewed and, more significantly, it needed reconstruction, entailing a substantial financial commitment by the new owner.

Distinct from traditional homes, buyers of boatsheds do not receive a title. Instead, ownership is established through rights and interests in the resource consent, which transition from the current owner to the buyer.

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Notably, Boatshed 6149 is not the sole boatshed available for sale at 50 Riverside Drive. Barfoot & Thompson is offering a larger boatshed complete with a kitchen, lounge area, upstairs bedroom, main bathroom, and mooring at 6155/50 Riverside Drive, with an asking price of $695,000.


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