PHOTO: (Justin Bieber/Instagram)

It was his homemade YouTube videos that put Justin Bieber on the fast track to stardom a decade ago.

So turning to social media, this time Facebook’s Instagram, to sell his home has an undeniable logic. While he’s not the first to person to realize the photo-sharing platform’s potential in the real estate market, his international celebrity and the fact that he’s already drawn a couple of offers, will no doubt prompt even more home-sellers to try it out.

The tool is a “a total game changer,” real estate agent Megan Brenn-White told FOX Business. She estimated that 95 percent of her business comes from Instagram.

“As social media grows in importance,” she said, “some real estate agents find ways to become actual influencers in their marketplace, developing digital relationships with thousands of people at once and becoming part of their daily lives.”

All it takes to get started is a smart phone. A few lines of text — especially from an Instagram user with 120 million followers — don’t hurt, either.

“I think I wanna sell my home in Beverly Hills who wants it,” Bieber said in one of numerous posts of the inside of his house.  “I’ll sell it with all the furniture,” he added with a follow-up pic. “MAKE AN OFFER.”