14 day notice

PHOTO: MONIQUE FORD/STUFF In an email, Quinovic says it would not be able to help tenants who were locked out of properties and would not be conducting inspections or viewings (file photo).

As the country prepares for a lockdown, property managers are telling tenants that they must pay rent or likely receive a 14-day notice – something a renters’ group says is “tone deaf”.

In Wellington, property management group Quinovic has told its tenants that notices will be sent if they do not pay in time. 

Down south, renters in Christchurch were told in a letter by Prestige Property Management Limited that rent was still due as usual and the company emphasised it had a “zero rent arrears policy”. 

Renters in Hawke’s Bay were similarly told by Propertyscouts that rent must be paid as normal, “otherwise unfortunately you may be jeopardising your tenancy”.