PHOTO: There are almost 2500 caravan parks around Australia

One developer is snapping up caravan parks to transform them into sites filled with tiny homes available for low income households to rent — in what is claimed as a first for Australia.

Lei Feng, director of Preer Property Group, said a trip to the US three years ago gave him the idea as 24 million Americans live in long term housing in trailer parks.

He claims the Australian government isn’t addressing the housing affordability crisis and the tiny homes would offer a “desperately needed solution”.

There are six caravan parks in the developer’s portfolio so far including Victorian postcodes like Pakenham and Mornington Peninsula suburbs such as Rosebud and Hasting.

The tiny homes are being offered for rent for between $200 and $230, compared to an average cost of $450 to lease a one-bedroom unit in Melbourne, Mr Feng said.

He believes the tiny homes would be ideal for people on Centrelink, who are disabled, retirees, single mothers or victims of domestic violence who could rent a home for 60 per cent of the median price within the surrounding area.