Jim Hickey


PHOTO: SIMON O’CONNOR/HOMED Former TVNZ weatherman Jim Hickey is right at home in his dark blue hangar at New Plymouth Airport. He and wife Sue have built an apartment above the ‘man cave’ at ground level.

What can you do when you are really passionate about a hobby? You can make it your home, literally.

That’s what former TV weatherman Jim Hickey and wife Sue did 10 years ago. Passionate about flying, Hickey decided they should live in an aircraft hangar at New Plymouth airport – he had already set up the Airspresso café there with business partner Craig Macfarlane.

So the couple built a three-bedroom apartment within a dark blue hangar. Then Hickey bought his Yak 52 military warbird trainer. As he puts it: “I said to my dear wife, ‘I can’t have a hangar that doesn’t hangar an aeroplane’. It worked.”