Bellows House

PHOTO: Bellows House

Bellows House emerges as a modernist-inspired holiday home, robust and fortifying in its concrete, brick and block construction. Designed by Architects EAT as a family holiday house, the bold form is layered with intricate interior design and architecture detailing. The name Bellows was inspired by the pyramid shapes within the interior, similar to a bellows of a camera lens. The dynamic layered concrete forms add depth and height to the interior design in a refreshing animation of space.

Located in the Victorian seaside town of Flinders, Architects EAT conceived the house as a permanent structure, built as a modernist-inspired holiday home. The landscape, designed by Jim Fogarty Design, is filled with native plants and adds another layered element to the house. The landscape plays an important role in bringing the inside out, as the internal brick floor extends out to the gardens, reinforcing a blurred boundary between indoors and outdoors – a significant virtue of a family holiday house.

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