PHOTO: Marie Kondo takes out the top spot on the world’s homefluencer rich list. Picture: KonMari Media/Supplied. Source:Supplied

Home influencers have been taking Instagram by storm — making a living by showing off their interiors, DIY & homes online — with some earning over $1 million per year.

With the COVID-19 pandemic forcing everyone to spend much more time at home, DIY has been a go-to lockdown hobby for many, and some people are doing it for more than just personal gain — there are huge financial gains to be had too.

Comparison site GoCompare has released the international ‘Homefluencer Rich List’ — which has revealed who is earning the most online from their home.

Organising and storage guru Marie Kondo has vaulted into the number one spot as the world’s most successful full-time ‘homefluencer’ — making more than $1.2 million per year.

Some homefluencers choose to take a full-time approach to the influencer lifestyle, dedicating their Instagram, TikTok and YouTube accounts to their home.

Here are the Top 20 highest-earning full-time homefluencers:

Homefluencers Rich List. Picture: 
<a href="" title="">GoCompare</a>

Homefluencers Rich List. Picture: GoCompare Source: Supplied