PHOTO: Michael Menghong Gu’s official home was the Seaforth house owned by his mother Su Ju Bu.

The Seaforth home of missing international fugitive Michael Menghong Gu has been sold on the quiet just weeks after his Mosman trophy home was sold off on behalf of mortgagee Credit Suisse for $12 million.

The sale result remains undisclosed by Stone Real Estate’s Maria Cassarino, leaving it to local agents to estimate a sale figure in the $6 million to $7 million range.

The three-level mansion set atop Seaforth Bluff was purchased by Gu’s mother Su Ju Bu in 2015, a week after it was advertised for sale for $5.8 million. Records do not reveal the sale price at the time.

15 David Place Seaforth
The distinctive three-level residence in Seaforth was sold by Su Ju Bu on the quiet.

Records reveal the buyer is Seaforth local Kimberley Fisk, whose husband is Ernst & Young partner Ryan Fisk.

Gu’s iProsperity property empire collapsed earlier this year with debts mounting to as much as $350 million.

A few weeks after administrators were appointed, he and his offsider Harry Huang fled Australia in late July after the Department of Home Affairs gave them permission to travel amid the international border closures of the COVID-19 pandemic. Gu’s whereabouts remain unknown.

Gu and his wife “Cherry” Yingzi Xu were residents of their recently sold Mosman home since 2017 when it was purchased for $10 million, however corporate filings indicate the Seaforth residence held in his mother’s name remained his official home address.