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PHOTO: Jacinda Ardern. FILE

A Wellington tradie owed more than $250,000 by the Iranian Embassy just wants a chance to restart his life.

Newshub has seen messages appearing to be from the Iranian Ambassador that claim they don’t owe him any money before a court ruled they do.

The court judgement should be worth more than a quarter of a million dollars.

“Maybe I can start my life again,” the tradie told Newshub.

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But unless the Iranian Embassy pays up, it’s not worth the paper it’s printed on.

“Just pay what is my right as the order of the court,” the tradie said.

The man – who we’ve agreed not to identify – painted and renovated the Iranian Embassy and the Ambassador’s residence two years ago.

He argued he was underpaid, but Newshub has seen messages appearing to be from the Ambassador last month claiming they don’t owe him any money.

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“Go complaining to Jacinda Ardern or Queen Elizabeth or what the hell. You can go and do that. You know nobody can force us,” the man said he was told.

A day after that message was sent, the District Court ruled the Embassy, which failed to even turn up to the hearing, had to pay him nearly $275,000.


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