Luxe Listings star and buyer's agent Simon Cohen

PHOTO: Luxe Listings star and buyer’s agent Simon Cohen. Kochie’s Business Builders

Renowned for his prowess in acquiring astonishing real estate for esteemed clientele on the popular TV show, Luxe Listings Sydney, Simon Cohen has now secured a residence as lavish as those he procures for his elite patrons. Nestled in the upscale enclave of Potts Point in Sydney, his newly renovated two-story apartment, acquired for a cool $5.5 million, epitomizes luxury living.

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Having recognized its potential over two years ago, Cohen was captivated by the property’s allure from the outset. “I saw its promise immediately,” remarked Cohen to “The location and lifestyle – it checked all my boxes the moment I stepped through the door.”

A connoisseur of prime locations, Cohen regards Sydney’s Eastern Suburbs, particularly Potts Point, as among the world’s most desirable. The area’s vibrant ambiance, coupled with proximity to top-notch amenities and scenic vistas of iconic landmarks, convinced Cohen that this locale was unparalleled.

With meticulous attention to detail, Cohen meticulously curated his abode, ensuring it reflected his distinctive taste and style. Collaborating with Jack Freeman of FREEMAN Gallery, every facet of the interior was bespoke, from furnishings to artwork, creating a Parisian ambiance with a New York twist that perfectly complemented the neighborhood’s vibe.

The home has been meticulously renovated. Picture: Supplied

Advising from his wealth of experience, Cohen applied his own principles to the purchase, emphasizing strategic location selection, rational decision-making devoid of emotion, and thorough research. His investment in Potts Point embodies these principles, signaling a long-term commitment to his new home.

Luxe Listings star and buyer’s agent Simon Cohen inside his Potts Point apartment. Picture: Supplied

While relishing in the comfort of his urban retreat, Cohen’s ambitions extend to acquiring a coastal retreat at Palm Beach, envisioning a serene escape from the bustling city life—a testament to his perpetual pursuit of exceptional properties.