PHOTO: Kristiana Karakostas has been sentenced in the County Court after pleading guilty to trafficking cocaine on Craigslist. Herald Sun

The advertisement, posted on the American classifieds website Craigslist, was meant to be vague, but not too vague.



Does my house qualify for HomeBuilder?


For sale were tickets to an exclusive event in Melbourne that weekend.

The person peddling the wares, a man named Charlie, would even deliver the “White VIP” party tickets, which could be acquired for the sum of $350.

“Best in Melbourne,” promised Charlie. “Sort out your weekend properly.”

Unfortunately for Charlie, whose real name is Kristiana Karakostas, the code was cracked by Victoria Police in February 2017.

Shortly after seeing the unconvincing advertisement, a covert police officer arranged to meet Karakostas at a petrol station in Mount Waverley, about 50 metres away from the real estate agency where she worked, to buy cocaine from her.

Karakostas pulled up in a white BMW and after doing the deal, she told the undercover officer that she had better “stuff” coming, which would cost $400.

Forensic analysis later showed she short-changed the officer by 0.1 gram.