Cayman Apartment Building


PHOTO: DOMINICO ZAPATA/STUFF Deborah Lake is one of 48 apartment owners taking legal action after alleged defects to their Cayman Apartment Building in Mount Maunganui.

Million dollar apartments have become luxury prisons for 48 residents at Tauranga’s Cayman Apartments after it was revealed their Code Compliance Certificates “may have been issued in error” by Tauranga City Council.

Apartment owner Deborah Lake has joined a $36 million lawsuit after her lock-and-leave lifestyle apartment turned into a ball and chain alleged to have structural defects, weather-tightness issues and incorrect fire protection.

A view of Mount Maunganui, Mauao, “close enough you could almost reach out and touch it” is little comfort for Lake who faces extraordinary body corporate fees to undertake investigations, repairs and fund the legal challenge in the tens of thousands of dollars.