one-bedroom dwelling

PHOTO: Sourced from Trade Me

A one-bedroom dwelling made from a shipping container and garden shed in Wellington has been listed to rent, for $390.

The room in Johnsonville is said to be suitable for one person, and close to the mall and local schools.

It comes as students in Wellington call for better living support as an over-inflated rental market forces them out of the city centre.

Geordie Rogers from Renters United told Summer Times it is an unfortunate fact that such properties frequently come on to the market.

“We do see properties like this being listed all of the time, it wasn’t that long ago that we saw a sunroom being rented out that only fit a queen bed in it, it didn’t fit any other furniture.

“I think it’s unfortunate that we see so many of these and one of my gut feelings is that there is more than we get to see, because there is so much strain on the market people are just whipping up these properties and tenants are willing to take them because there is nowhere else to go.

“I really wish there was some data to tell us how many people are living in houses that I would not call a home.”

This particular property, he says, has a bed, a microwave, and a plug-in stove.

“I think the worst thing about it for me was the entrance which was basically some wood that had been put up and covered with a tarp and then put a door in it. And that was the entrance to your home.”

He says he fears there are similar properties out there that are being rented.

“I am really scared that there are more properties out there that people are taking up and not complaining about.

“People are going to take somewhere to live whatever that looks like especially when there are not many other options.”

The rental crisis has been years in the making, he says.

“On one hand we don’t have enough supply, especially in Wellington to provide these houses.