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PHOTO: It looks like something out of this world, and now it can now be yours. Picture: realtor.com

One of the most distinctive residences in the California desert is now on the market. Nestled in the renowned Joshua Tree area, itself part of the famous National Park, a cluster of structures known as the Bonita Domes is available for $2.8 million (or US$1.79 million).

These buildings were primarily constructed from locally sourced earth and took seven years to complete under the guidance of Lisa Starr, who followed the design principles of the late SuperAdobe architectural innovator, Nader Khalili, as reported by The Post. The SuperAdobe technique employs stacked sandbags filled with earth and reinforced with barbed wire to create durable structures, initially inspired by a NASA space habitation project Khalili worked on in the 1980s.

You won’t have any neighbours bothering you at this dome compound. Picture: realtor.com

You won’t have any neighbours bothering you at this dome compound. Picture: realtor.com

After finalizing the construction of the Domes in 2014, Starr lived there until 2020 when she sold her creation to the current owner, Jeffrey Weiss, for $808,500, according to Insider.

Weiss has been the proprietor of this compound ever since and attempted to sell it in February, initially listing it for $3.3 million (or US$2.1 million) before temporarily withdrawing it from the market. However, it remained available on Airbnb for $537 per night.

Now, the property at 6920 Bonita Ave. is back on the market with a reduced asking price. “Bonita Domes is a uniquely captivating property located in the enchanting high desert of Joshua Tree,” said Angelica Vitale, who is co-listing it with fellow Coldwell Banker Realty agent James Bianco. She added that the dwelling was “crafted to endure the elements.”

The listing describes the property as “an exquisite place that evokes a sense of magic, as if you’ve been transported to an alien world.”

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In total, the property features 125 square meters of living space spread across three primary domes, with the largest dome housing two bedrooms, a living room, a kitchen, and two bathrooms. There is also a separate, standalone dome with two additional bedrooms and a studio space, along with a communal bath dome.

The property boasts a total of five bedrooms and three bathrooms and comes with outdoor amenities such as a kitchen and barbecue area, a fire pit, a pool, and an intricately designed small temple.