Palazzo Versace

PHOTO: Palazzo Versace Gold Coast was the right hotel for the right city when it opened in 2000

Gold Coast’s Palazzo Versace is no more, with the hotel’s luxury branding unceremoniously painted over at its front entrance on Monday morning

The renowned Palazzo Versace on the Gold Coast will undergo significant changes as the Italian fashion powerhouse, Versace, has decided to terminate its branding agreement with the hotel. After a 25-year partnership, Versace’s strategic decision will take effect on July 31 of this year, marking the end of an era for the luxurious hotel associated with the high-end clothing brand.

As of now, it remains uncertain which company, if any, will step in to replace Versace. Soheil Abedian, the developer who founded the hotel in the late 1990s, expressed his hope that another prestigious international brand would take the opportunity to manage the prime location between the beach and Broadwater at Main Beach.

With Versace’s departure, certain elements linked to the brand, such as the Renaissance-style tiled images of Medusa used in the company logo, may need to be removed. The hotel’s owners have stated that they will navigate a “transitional phase” after the withdrawal, with plans for an extensive renovation and a potential rebrand.

Despite the changes, the owners are committed to retaining the property and ensuring it continues to operate as a leading five-star hotel. They aim to maintain the tradition of delivering world-class service and opulent comfort for their guests. They have great confidence in the ongoing tourism resurgence on the Gold Coast, particularly with the exciting development in the Main Beach corridor and the rejuvenation of the precinct.

The owners took the opportunity to express their gratitude to Versace for the fruitful partnership and the many years of shared success. While the iconic Palazzo Versace will no longer bear the Versace name, the future holds promises of new beginnings and continued excellence in hospitality.

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