PHOTO: Qantas’ profit plunged during COVID-19, forcing the airline to pivot and budget heavily. (Qantas)

News that Qantas is looking to take stock of its property around the country has state governments jostling for prime position, with the national airline’s headquarters potentially an open question.
Currently the airline operates facilities in multiple states – such as flight simulators and head offices in Sydney, Jetstar administrative spaces in Melbourne, and heavy maintenance spaces in Brisbane.
To minimise some $40 million spent annually on leased office spaces, the airline said it is currently investigating solutions to move all of its office and maintenance facilities into a single state.
NSW and Victoria are already jostling for position.
“We’re really keen to make sure we boost jobs as much as possible in New South Wales and the government is examining it’s options,” NSW Premier Gladys Berejiklian said.
One option being considered is a specially-designed campus at the incoming Western Sydney Airport, which would be a boon for the 10,000 Qantas workers employed in NSW.