PHOTO: RE/MAX Australia Managing Director Michael Davoren

In a strategic move announced publicly today, RE/MAX Australia Managing Director Michael Davoren will take up the role of Chairman on the RE/MAX Australia Board, while Joel Davoren will assume the position of Managing Director.

Under the changed leadership structure, which comes into effect from 1 July, Chris Chapman will retain the Finance Directorship and Josh Davoren will become Director of Operations, adding to his marketing portfolio.

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Current Franchise Director, Joel Davoren, will continue in that position while also assuming the broader role of Managing Director of RE/MAX Australia.

Highly respected in the real estate industry nationally and internationally, Michael Davoren’s strategic leadership, mentoring, governance, and business acumen have been among the qualities he brought to the RE/MAX Australia Board as Managing Director.

He is a passionate advocate for continual evolution of the real estate industry and has been part of high-impact decisions. He takes on the Chairman role from a position of great strength.

“The past 12-month period has been massive for RE/MAX Australia, with a number of key strategies and goals successfully achieved,” Michael Davoren said.

“An opportunity arose in New Zealand that led to the transfer of the RE/MAX regional business there to local ownership. The merger of Western Australia’s RE/MAX offices with RE/MAX Australia unified RE/MAX across the nation.

“My three co-directors led the network to embrace the Precinct platform – a key milestone in our digital transformation – along with several sophisticated digital tools.