Shelly Bay

PHOTO: Shelly Bay. FILE

Restoration work to bring back the pristine charm of Shelly Bay has commenced with remarkable speed, initiated a mere nine days after its acquisition by Peter Jackson and Fran Walsh.

Traffic control personnel along Evans Bay Parade have confirmed the arrival of trucks laden with topsoil destined for Shelly Bay.

Shelly Bay

Photo: Andrew Bartlett

A recent photograph serves as evidence that the restoration efforts are already underway. The image, captured by Andrew Bartlett, reveals:

A significant portion of the bay’s northern end has been generously covered with topsoil, while substantial bundles of materials are neatly stockpiled, poised to fortify the area against future storms.

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In the words of Peter and Fran:

“The coastline here holds profound cultural and historical significance, and we eagerly anticipate rejuvenating Shelly Bay’s innate beauty.”

They add:

“Our immediate focus revolves around commencing the landscaping and replanting activities essential to restoring Shelly Bay to its natural state. Looking ahead, we’re enthusiastic about exploring possibilities for utilizing this space for both artistic and recreational endeavors.”

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