Fletcher Building

PHOTO:KEVIN STENT/STUFF Fletcher Building received $67.68 million for 9694 workers from the government wage subsidy scheme.

Fletcher Building workers are waiting to hear about their future in the company after the construction firm proposed a 10 per cent reduction of its workforce.

On Wednesday Fletcher Building announced a proposal to cull about 1000 jobs in New Zealand and a further 500 in Australia across all its businesses.

A worker Stuff agreed not to name said it was a waiting game for staff who were expecting to hear about their futures within the company over the next few days.

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“Everyone is a bit shocked but I think the writing was on the wall,” the worker said.

“There are a lot of rumours going around about who is going.

A Fletcher Building spokeswoman said the company had started the consultation process.

“We need to go through and respect that process before we go into any more detail,” she said.