PHOTO: KEN DOWNIE Jaki Arthur at Whanganui’s century-old Sarjeant Gallery. She says the planned redevelopment ‘will do so much good for the community’.

This story was originally published by North & South and is republished with permission.

From London via Bondi, former high-flying book publicist Jaki Arthur has now landed in Whanganui – and she couldn’t be happier.

When her dreams of buying a home in Bondi evaporated as prices soared, expat Kiwi Jaki Arthur reckoned she had two options: head down to Wollongong or up to Woy Woy. It’s what Sydneysiders often did when they couldn’t afford to stay in the city.

With a substantial rent rise looming and after two unsuccessful attempts to buy a home, Arthur was desperate. Her teenaged daughter would have to leave her school; her elderly mother – also facing a rent hike – would have to move with them.