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There are times in life when you just have to shrug off the oppression of day-to-day life. As philosopher Freddie Mercury once said, “I want, I want, I want to break free!” For some, that means heading down to the beach, shedding their clothes with reckless abandon and running down to the surf where to frolic with nothing between them and the fish (other than a smile and a layer of sunscreen, that is). If you’re in New Zealand, unafraid to be the butt of a few wise-cracks, and in the mood to hit the sand in your glorious natural state, then read our guide to the best nudist beaches in NZ.

Papamoa Beach

Papamoa Beach | © Christine Wagner / Flickr

Papamoa Beach | © Christine Wagner / Flickr
Located in the glorious Bay of Plenty and one of New Zealand’s longest-standing and most popular nudist beaches, Papamoa is somewhere you’re free to show off what God gave you. With white sand and warm water in the summer, there’s good reason that this is such a popular spot with the more liberal-minded.