PHOTO: Diego Maradona. Life Blogger

The house where Diego Maradona grew up with his parents, Don Diego and Mrs Tota, in the neighborhood of Villa Fiorito, it is no longer what it used to be. It is currently inhabited by very distant relatives of the world soccer star, in Olivos.  These people do not even have a blood bond with 10 and have the property in a state that is far removed from the cleanliness and order that existed when the Maradona lived there, as reflected in a note from Clarion posted on October 31, one day after Diego’s 60th birthday.

Diego Maradona’s birth house in Villa Fiorito

For this reason, this Thursday a Bill was presented to the Legislature of the Province of Buenos Aires so that the house located on the street Azamor 523, which had already been named “cultural heritage” by the Municipality of Lomas de Zamora last month, is now declared “of public utility and subject to expropriation.”

What is the purpose of the house being expropriated? The idea is that the “Diego Armando Maradona Development and Integration House”. It would be destined “to promote in young people ideas of improvement and incentives to achieve the development and growth that all young people deserve”, as read in the document presented by Daniel Lipovetzky, deputy for the Together for Change bloc, who mobilized with this initiative from the article published by Clarín on the state of the property.