Northland real estate agent Steve Sharp 

PHOTO: Northland real estate agent Steve Sharp. STUFF

Every week, a real estate agent in Whangārei changes professions briefly, swapping his role from putting up open home signs to becoming a delivery driver.

On a weekly basis, a man named Steve Sharp makes a visit to Whangārei Hospital, where he leaves sweet muffins as a delightful treat for the doctors and nurses during their morning tea break.

Reanne, who works as a nurse in the accident and emergency room, is aware of the muffins, but she is unaware of the identity of the person who leaves them or the reason behind the gesture.

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She expressed, “Our job can be challenging at times, and the simple act of receiving a muffin as a token of gratitude truly makes it all worthwhile.”


What many don’t realize is the deep significance of the hospital to Sharp and his family. The hospital staff played a pivotal role in saving his wife’s life when she faced complications due to blood poisoning.

Sharp shared his perspective, saying, “Sitting by her side during those long hospital stays, witnessing the efforts of the hospital staff, it gave me an entirely new appreciation for their work.” His wife spent months in the hospital, and Sharp remained by her side throughout.

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For the past two years, Sharp has been faithfully delivering these baked treats to the hospital. He finds joy in brightening the day of hospital staff with such a simple gesture as a muffin. Interestingly, he doesn’t seek recognition for his kind actions and doesn’t leave any notes or business cards behind.

However, Sharp’s colleagues have taken notice of his compassionate acts, and now they, too, have joined in delivering treats to various community groups throughout Whangārei.


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