Cost of renting

PHOTO: The cost of renting has risen by more than three percent in the past year. Credits: Image – Getty / Video – Newshub

The cost of renting has continued to climb, after reaching record highs in November, new figures from Stats NZ show in the past year rents have risen by more than three percent.

While the number of rentals has seen an increase, demand is increasing even faster, making it difficult for prospective renters to secure a house.

Jamie Wehipeihana has been flat hunting in Wellington since November.

“Honestly we’ve probably viewed 50 and applied way more than that through Trademe and Vic Deals.”

Time is running out – her current tenancy ends in a week.

“I’d say we’re in a crisis at the moment if you look at all the people coming through here today and all other viewings we’ve been through. It’s crazy the amount of people looking for a flat and in the same situation as us.”

Property manager Harrison Vaughan says people are getting desperate.