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Where to Find Nudist Beaches in New Zealand

New Zealand wouldn’t be the first country you think of when looking for nudist beaches. However, thanks to its European influence, there are a surprising amount of clothing-optional beaches around the country. So if you want a break from social oppression or want to work on a line-free tan, then check out these best nudist beaches in New Zealand!

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Strictly speaking, nudity in public places is not illegal in New Zealand. However, these nudist beaches provide a place away from judgement and can feel less worried about taking your clothes off. You’ll notice that the majority of beaches on this list are beaches in the North Island. That’s because, well, it’s warmer in the North Island being more comfortable to go full nude during the summer.

1. Ladies Bay Beach

Don’t be fooled by the name, this beach isn’t just for the ladies. This is Auckland‘s most popular nudist beach only moments away from the city centre! This sheltered cove lies just below the cliffs of the St Helier’s suburb.

Location: Ladies Bay, St Helier’s, Auckland

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2. Breaker Bay

You don’t have to head too far for nudists beaches in Wellington. Wellington might have a bit of a reputation for nippy cold winds, not ideal for taking your clothes off, but Breaker Bay is well sheltered from the prevailing winds. What’s more, you can watch the Cook Strait ferries cruise on by. Be aware that the nudist section of the beach is on the main stretch of the beach.

Location: Breaker Bay, Wellington City, Wellington

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3. St Leonard’s Bay

Another Auckland option for nudist beaches is St Leonard’s Bay in Takapuna. It’s one of the more popular nudist beaches in New Zealand but comes with a few rules: when in the dune you need to stay at least 50m (164ft) from the access steps and you cannot walk in front of passers-by. Otherwise, enjoy! Find this beach in the North Shore suburb of Auckland.

Location: St Leonard’s Bay, North Shore, Auckland

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4. Papamoa Beach

The popular beach in suburban Tauranga has a small stretch where clothing is optional. Signs indicate where taking your clothes off is permitted, at the Maranui Street and Papamoa Beach Road junction.

Location: Papamoa Beach, Tauranga, Bay of Plenty.

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5. Little Palm Beach

Aside from the delicious wine and island vibes, another reason to go to Waiheke Island is for this little nudist beach! This island off the shores of Auckland is only a 45-minute ferry ride from downtown Auckland. Little Palm Beach is at the western end of Palm Beach.

Location: Little Palm Beach, Waiheke Island, Auckland.

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6. Karekare Beach

Yes, this popular beach in the Waitakere Ranges Regional Park in Auckland is, indeed, a nudist beach! This stunning black sand beach with rugged coastal cliffs is one of the more picturesque places to bathe in the nude. However, be aware that many visitors to this beach will likely be fully-clothed with the beach’s increased popularity.

Location: Karekare Beach, Waitakere, Auckland.

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7. Uretiti Beach

The further north you get in New Zealand the warmer it gets, which is perfect for this Northland beach near Whangarei. Head to the west of Uretiti Beach in Waipu for a worry-free nudist experience. Make sure you take your kit off well away from the nearby campsite.

Location: Uretiti Beach, Waipu, Northland.


8. Peka Peka Beach

Situated along Wellington’s Kapiti Coast, Peka Peka Beach is one of many stunning beaches looking out to the silhouette of Kapiti Island. What’s more, it prides itself as being New Zealand’s first skinny-dipping friendly beach!

Location: Peka Peka Beach, Waikanae, Wellington

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9. Pohutukawa Beach

Finally, another safe place to get naked in Auckland is at Pohutukawa Beach. This beach at the northern end of Long Bay has long been a hotspot as a “clothing optional” beach. However, make sure the nudity stays on the beach. Don’t go for a stroll on the walking trails without your gear.

Location: Pohutukawa Beach, Okura, Auckland

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10. Waikuku Beach

[Update: After the earthquake, Woodend Beach has replaced Waikuku Beach as the Christchurch nudist hotspot].

The only South Island nudist beach on our list, Waikuku Beach is just north of Christchurch city. Although it’s not a picturesque as other Christchurch beaches, it’s a quieter beach and a good place to brave the South Island waters in the nude.

Location: Waikuku Beach, Christchurch, Canterbury.

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