rental property evictions

PHOTO: LIZ MCDONALD/STUFF New notices will need to be issued for people who want to end tenancies

New Zealand’s freeze on rental property evictions will end next week, but the Government is providing more support to those who have fallen behind in rent.

On March 24, before New Zealand went into level 4 lockdown, the Government introduced emergency changes to protect tenants. Rents were frozen for an initial period of six months, until September 25.

Tenancies could not be ended by landlords – except in exceptional circumstances – until at least June 25.



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Tenants who had received or given notice to end their tenancies could stay in their rental properties.

Some landlords have complained that the rules unfairly penalised them – Hans Shawani said he was stuck paying $1250 a week when he moved back to New Zealand because the tenants of his Auckland home would not leave.

The Government has now confirmed that eviction restriction will not be extended beyond June 25.