Melissa Caddick

PHOTO: The home of fraudster Melissa Caddick which she bought for $6.2 million in 2014 is due to hit the market in coming weeks.

Anthony Koletti, the husband of infamous Sydney fraudster Melissa Caddick faces another day in court, this time to fight for a share in the sale of the multimillion-dollar Dover Heights mansion he lived in with the Caddick.


REVEALED: What will happen to Melissa Caddick’s $15MILLION mansion

It was only last week when the court gave the green light for receivers to take possession of the beachside property, after ordering Koletti to vacate the home by May 18 so it can be sold in order to recoup the $23 million dollars Caddick allegedly stole from investors in her Ponzi scheme.

Koletti had previously filed documents in court claiming he was entitled to a portion of his wife’s stolen wealth, claiming his financial contribution to their household from 2017 to 2020 meant he deserved a cut of the multi-million dollar home.

His concise statement also outlined his rights to shares of the $4 million Edgecliffe property where Caddick’s parents currently reside in.

However, Caddick’s parents, Barb and Ted Grimely, have also filed a statement to the court, stating that in 2016 they had given their daughter almost $1.2 million to buy the Edgecliff property, but discovered Caddick had allegedly spent it instead on the upkeep of her own lavish lifestyle.

Senior Counsel Robert Newlids, who represents the Grimely’s argued that his clients should be treated the same way as Caddick’s other investment victims, saying that proceeds from the sale of the Dover Heights mansion should be used to pay off the Edgecliff property mortgage.

During an eight-year period, Caddick allegedly stole millions from her clients, who were primarily her family and friends, which she allegedly used to fund a life of luxury.

It is understood that the fraudster had fabricated portfolio statements and created fake accounts to make her clients falsely believe they had invested in shares.

Caddick has not been seen since November 12, 2020, when she disappeared from her beachside mansion the same day the Australian Investment and Securities Commission (ASIC) raided her Dover Heights home.

The 49-year-old is presumed to be dead after the remains of her foot were discovered on the NSW South Coast, however, criminologists have suggested that Caddick may still be alive.



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