Monique Agostino

PHOTO: Monique Agostino

The downfall of a once-prominent real estate agent and model, fueled by drug addiction, has been exposed following her imprisonment for a series of unusual crimes.

Monique Agostino, who once had a thriving career in Sydney’s affluent northern beaches and dreams of becoming an actor, saw her aspirations shattered when she started using crystal methamphetamine.

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After completing her education, the 28-year-old rapidly climbed the corporate ladder within the real estate industry, eventually becoming the head property manager at a major real estate company. She also ventured into entrepreneurship, starting her clothing business at the age of 21. However, her ambitions extended even further. At the time, Agostino was a part-time model and had even received unpaid acting roles in 2018, listing her details on the Starnow talent directory.

The striking blonde shared youthful and provocative photos of herself, showcasing her skills as a model, actor, extra, and presenter. Nevertheless, her life soon took a dark turn.

The Descent into Drug Abuse While Agostino had reported occasional alcohol and cocaine use in her earlier years, she confided to psychologist Dr. Tim Watson-Munro that she began intensely using crystal methamphetamine in 2018, as per court documents.

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She claimed that this illicit drug helped her manage her ADHD symptoms better, but the records reveal that she began abusing meth and alcohol, leading her to engage in a series of burglaries.

In November, she served as a getaway driver for a group of juvenile males who wore black masks and burglarized cafes and convenience stores in Sydney’s north shore. She was captured on CCTV attempting to break into the Pound of Pizza restaurant in Killarney Heights in early November, continuing her criminal spree until her arrest later that month. According to court documents, she was homeless at the time, living in her car after being asked to leave her parents’ home.

She admitted to Dr. Watson-Munro that she was abusing both meth and alcohol during this troubled period.

Agostino was sentenced to a year in prison after being found guilty of five counts of breaking and entering. She was also convicted of carrying a knife at Target, possessing crystal methamphetamine and restricted prescription medication, and stealing a $90 jacket from Supre.

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The Fall from Grace This prison sentence marked the real estate agent’s first time behind bars, and her aversion to life in custody is evident in the 15 warrants issued for her arrest over the past four years.

However, the jail term did not deter the former social media influencer from further offenses. In 2019, she was incarcerated again for possessing drugs, restricted prescribed substances, and carrying a knife in public on two occasions.

During the same year, the small business owner received a community corrections order for smuggling goods into jail.

In 2020, police discovered stolen goods on her property, resulting in a $1500 fine, but she managed to avoid prison.

Her luck ran out in 2021 when she was convicted of a staggering 15 offenses related to drugs, unlawful driving, and stolen goods.

The following year, she was caught driving under the influence of drugs and fined $1100.

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Court documents reveal that Agostino had returned to regular methamphetamine use at the beginning of the year when she was found with stolen number plates in her possession. Although described as a “psychologically distressed woman,” it was noted that she had been “highly successful” in the real estate industry “prior to her life derailing.”

Over the past seven years, the 28-year-old has accumulated 33 convictions on her criminal record and $6300 in fines. Her traffic record is equally staggering, with 55 entries dating back to when she obtained her driver’s license in 2013, primarily for speeding, using her phone, and driving under the influence of drugs.

Recently, the former real estate agent returned to court and successfully appealed the severity of her most recent prison sentence. Her initial five-month non-parole period was reduced to four months, which means Agostino will be released on parole next month.