Affordable Family Home

PHOTO: Affordable Family Home. Property Brokers

A West Coast family home currently on the market for $175,000 is defying New Zealand’s high house price trends.

The single-storey four-bedroom, one-bathroom property in Westport boasts a modernised kitchen and open plan living area that’s heated by a multi-burner fire – an inexpensive find compared to homes in the area.

The average asking price for houses on the West Coast is $333,748, which is the lowest out of all regions in New Zealand, according to the latest property report from that was released in December.

Marchelle Dann, who is the agent selling the Westport home, says while this particular house has a lower price because there’s some work needed to fix it up, the coastal town is drawing attention from people around the country.

“I think it is the cost of living that attracts people to Westport, and, really, for us it would be people downsizing, cashing up in big cities, and then moving to Westport for a lifestyle change,” she told Newshub.