funniest real estate agent videos

PHOTO: Funny skit of Real Estate Broker Jasleen Nelson falling in the pool at a client’s house

Viral and funny real estate videos are a surprisingly big deal on YouTube. We searched through as many funny videos as we could find and came up with the Top 20 Funniest Real Estate Videos Of All Time. Enjoy!

#20 San Antonio’s Real Estate Agent: Victor Espinoza Funny Shoot

This funny video is about agent Victor Espinoza who visits a home on his listing and makes humorous jokes about things he needs to update or fix so that he can make the home even better. Now that is dedication.


#19 Funny Gay Realtor – Car Rants


Hilarious real estate agent Scott Robeson records himself while in the car and makes many funny jokes that will have you laughing non-stop. His sense of humour is loved by many which is why he also has thousands of subscribers!


#18 24/7 Customer Care – Bruno Mars Real Estate Parody – Kyle Visser FEAT. KP


If there’s anyone who knows how to write a funny parody then its Kyle Visser. His hilarious parody of the song 24K Magic by Bruno Mars is hilarious and features the funniest costumes and lyrics.


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