Wellington couple

PHOTO: A power transformer and fire protection system outside the Sunset West apartment complex in Wellington. (Source: 1 NEWS)

Apartment owners in Wellington are upset over a “hideous eyesore” that appeared outside their backdoor without being notified by the developer.

Ryan Clare and Aoife Murphy are among those who have recently moved into the Sunset West complex after buying a unit off the plans last year, through the Kiwibuild scheme.

But at the time of signing the paperwork, they hadn’t been told about an unresolved issue that required relocating a power transformer and installing a fire protection system outside their apartment.

The structure with sprinklers had been attached to the couple’s courtyard wall, meaning they have to walk underneath it any time they leave their backdoor.

“It is a pretty hideous eyesore and I guess you just have to look at it to see how bad it looks,” Ryan Clare told Fair Go.

They discovered it in June this year while checking on the progress of the development. The couple asked the developer, Nightingale Group, to explain the situation but say the first response was brief – the ‘sprinkler pipes’ were a ‘council requirement’.

Aoife Murphy says she felt the company’s reply was “kind of a ‘nothing to see here’ situation”, which would kind of make you think to yourself, ‘Am I the mad one?’”

In August, the pair put a message out on Facebook as their soon-to-be neighbours still weren’t aware of the sprinkler system installation.


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